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  • [ Vietcong 2 BetaTesters Movie ]

Zajímavé video vydané Pterodonem z betatestu multiplayeru si můžete stáhnout  (37 MB).

Uvidíte v něm nové zbraně včetně tanku a záběry ze 3 nových map: Checkpoint, Frontier a Waterstation.

  • [ Vietcong 2 BetaTesters Interview ]

Poznámka: Toto je neupravená verze interview s vybranými betatestery hry, které bylo uvolněno pro vybrané fan weby Vietcongu.... Interview je k dispozici pouze v anglické verzi

First off, we asked the Beta Testers a few questions about themselves so you could get to know them better.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. (Name, age, location etc)
Punk*AUS*: My name is Greg, I have just turned 17, and I am about to finish high school, and I live in Perth, Western Australia.

Chris Tsamados: Name: Chris Tsamados, Age 28, Location: London

Spookey: Name and location remain the same as of the Team Respawn interview (Spookey, Manchester, UK) – Age is similar plus some months! – Still 36.

Silent Death: My name is Jan Körner and I'm living in Weimar which is quite in the centre of Germany. At the moment I'm twenty years old and working at the local radio station which gives me quite much free time.

Fate*AUS*: My name's Andrew Kilham, I'm from Melbourne, Australia, I'm 18 and just finishing up school.

Don Turtama: Jani Alanen aka Don Turtuma, I'm 31 years old and I live in Kauhajoki, Finland. I'm a software developer and I have my own company with 3 other guys.

DDR Zero One: I am Zero One and I play in the DDR Clan. My real name is Andy and I am a 16-year-old student, who lives in the German city Cologne.

Suicidal Ozzy*AUS*: Nick, 19, Australia, Student

Vietpeace: Timothy Bloomstine, 43, San Jose, California USA. I teach mathematics
part-time at a local community college.

How long have you been playing Vietcong?
Punk*AUS*: Vietcong was the first online game I ever played. I got it a few days after the retail release, and played on 1.01 for ages (I had no idea what patches were). I upgraded to 1.3 a few weeks before 1.41, and have been playing competitively in clans since then.

Spookey: Played since March 2003 – and lost a lot of life to the game! Mrs Spooks (still, just!) will confirm!

Chris Tsamados: Since the VC1 demo appeared.

Silent Death: Since the first SP/MP demos, had a lot of fun with them. Stopped playing VC till the FA add-on came out and then made my comeback.

Fate*AUS*: Since about a week after the demo was released :)

Don Turtama: Since the beginning, didn't play the VC1 demo though.

DDR Zero One: I’ve been playing Vietcong since spring 2004. First it was just one hour in a week, that I played, but soon I got in contact with a clan. And that was the way I became a VC fan.

Suicidal Ozzy*AUS*: Just over two and a half years - pretty much since the original Vietcong demo. Became hooked to the immersive game play, as well as the net code of aiming directly at the enemy regardless of the ping. Coming from the Delta Force game series where you would sometimes have to lead outside the scope to compensate for lag, this was quite cool!

Vietpeace: Since the Vietcong demo was first released.

What involvements do you have with the Vietcong Community?
Punk*AUS*: I currently run with Fate. We run Vietcong competitions and other community events. I am a member of the Team Exordium gaming clan.

Spookey: I try to keep in touch with the whole community, not just the “teamrespawn” guys – although I’m best known there. As previously stated, I’m a forum-whore and have “moderator” rights on forums around the globe (Australia, USA, Europe). I also have admin rights to many servers. As I am registered to many forums that I check daily (currently 10+), I get to hear things and like to pass them on to the general community (but always check with my source first whether it is for public release).

Chris Tsamados: I am quite active on the forums, I was in PMT but left it because I couldn't commit properly to it because of time constraints. Now I am an admin on the Meat Grinder servers.

Silent Death: When the first Vietcong was released I was a lone wolf and had nothing to do much with the Vietcong community. So I left it after my first contact with a skin cheater. But when the Fist Alpha expansion was released I returned to the multiplayer part of Vietcong and after some days I found The Meat Grinder server where coop team play is very great. After crashing Don Turtuma’s web server with a download accelerator and half a year later of nice playing I became an admin of TMG.

Fate*AUS*: I run a very successful Vietcong clan, I am the administrator of Auscong (a Vietcong fan site) and I am part of the United Admins anti-cheat team.

Don Turtama: I'm a scripter and I've released some maps with new game modes. I run the website that has a lot of Coop maps and other stuff to download. I also run The Meat Grinder Coop servers (3 of them, Crocker runs #2).

DDR Zero One: The VC Community has changed. It has become more serious and the behaviour of most of the players changed. In the first year, that I played VC, a big part of the players was really unfair. I got to know to situations, where my old clan was abused. In my opinion did the community improve itself. It is a happy “play together” and nearly everyone is looking forward to Vietcong 2. There is even a big engagement of Vietcong Players- just look at the tournaments/leagues, the community events(like big wars with more than 40people) or the community pages. For example a few mates and me organized a Vietcong News page while ago. The Community sticks together and that is one of the reasons why I love VC.

Vietpeace: Providing public servers, hosting some clan matches, providing some players with help.

How did you come to be a VietCong2 Beta Tester?
Punk*AUS*: Fate received an email from Pterodon with an invitation to be a Beta Tester, and to refer a few trustworthy testers. I was selected from there. I had previously Beta Tested Red Dawn.

Spookey: I was honoured to be asked to test Red Dawn – recommended/”sponsored” by Chris Tsamados – who I owe an awful lot to for the experiences since. I have since recommended some other testers, knowing that they wouldn’t let me/us down – the one that did didn’t have the hardware to support.

Chris Tsamados: I volunteered to beta test patches and Red Dawn and then was contacted to help with VC2.

Silent Death: Spookey granted me the access to be part of the team.

Fate*AUS*: Hmm, I think I became a beta tester after I infiltrated [TKC] and handed over all their cheats to Pterodon.

Don Turtama: I was part of the original "Vietcong2 multiplayer document" team, so I guess that lead to the tester position too, also I had already beta tested Red Dawn

DDR Zero One: I became a Beta Tester, because my clan has already been involved in some Beta Tests of Red Dawn. Therefore the clan leaders were allowed to choose some players, they can trust to. Not very spectacular, but that’s how I became a Beta Tester.

We then asked the testers some questions about there experiences through the Beta Testing process, and where they see the game developing to in the full release.

Do you feel some criticisms of the game play from the demo will still be apparent in the full release? How do you feel the game play has developed?
Punk*AUS*: Yes and no. From the last Beta’s we played, it was quite obvious Pterodon had been listening to the feedback that the community has offered. Personally, I never felt a lot of the game play criticisms were warranted, but I feel that Pterodon have developed the game to suit a wider variety of players.

Spookey: My personal opinion is that people expected to come from being “1337” in VC and just pick up a gun and retain their skills. That would not attract any new players at all. The problem they seem to be having is in adapting to the new game – and, because it is not a “pick up new gun and PWN everyone again” demo, they complain. Many guys that I have spoken to on forums and in PMs tell me how crap the new game is – I tell them to give it some more time (not just to 30 minutes they have played) and ALL that have bothered to try it again have come round to liking the game.

Chris Tsamados: I lost my internet connection just before the demo was released (I moved house). I was able to connect to the forums at work and was surprised when a lot of people were saying they were having trouble aiming. I never had any problems in the demo and I felt as though the game play of VC1 was similar, except now there were proper iron sights. I soon realised that smoke effects had been added to the guns since my last beta test and this was obscuring targets when fired.

Fate*AUS*: Yes. While I haven't been able to play the last few builds due to computer problems so I can't see any last changes they have made, I do not believe Pterodon will change the game play much from the demo; not because Pterodon don't listen to the community, but because some people like it and some do not, and I think that Pterodon achieved what they wanted to achieve with the game play.

The game play in Vietcong 2 has developed somewhat from the old style in Vietcong 1. The iron-sights in VC2 are a lot more authentic than VC1, which is a good thing, but it also blocks out a lot more of your view which is one of the major complaints surrounding the VC2 demo. From my experiences playing VC2 so far, it seems that fire fights are more drawn out than before; a single battle between two people can last anything up to 20 or 30 seconds, because the player can no longer easily get a kill by pointing their gun at the person and shooting off a few bullets. Now, you actually need to use cover fire, use the objects around you as cover and use your head to get those kills.

Don Turtama: The current build is definitely better than the demo, a lot of things have been fixed and new features introduced. IMO the demo wasn't that bad and I really didn't get why the people were whining so much about it.

DDR Zero One: In my opinion the criticisms will change at the end of October. It was a huge wave of mistakes that were shouted out by a lot of VC players. But it was real subjective things-most times the game play. Nobody can’t say, that the game play hasn’t change if you compare VC2 with VC and VC:FA. I think it has become faster and you have to play more tactical. That is a lot, which has been changed and a big part of the VC community is conservative. This phenomenon is no wonder, because VC is nearly 3years old. Many players have become familiar with the style of VC1. That’s why they don’t want to have many things changed.

Suicidal Ozzy*AUS*: Some will probably be - you have some people who want it to be very similar to VC1, and others who don't mind change, but I don't think Pterodon will be able to please everyone. However I think that most people will be surprised to find most of the criticisms have been worked on. The game play has progressed well throughout the betas. It's clear to see things being modified from constructive feedback. In the end I think most people will adapt to it. It's just a shock to people who thought it was going to be exactly the same as VC1, just on a newer engine. Once people see that Pterodon have actually listened to feedback from the public demo and that the full game has improved iron sights on guns such as M16 , Colt commando, M60 etc., people should be a LOT happier.

Vietpeace: Sure some, nothing can be perfect in a game or life, and you can't please everyone.

What sort of maps have you seen along the Beta Testing journey?
Punk*AUS*: There has been a really good balance of maps. I like many was a little worried of the urban focus that was hinted at by Pterodon early in the project, but I was very pleased to see some jungle maps. I think there are some really good jungle maps in there, and the urban ones that we saw seemed to be developed in a way to eliminate some of the negative aspects of urban style gaming. There is a even an extremely nice remake of Frontier, which was my favourite map from VC1.

Chris Tsamados: Some jungle maps and also some urban ones, a nice balance.

Silent Death: I have tested a lot of maps ranging from small 1on1 maps to large vehicle assault maps. I had tested these maps: Bridge, Checkpoint, Depot, Frontier, Graveyard, Junglepoint, Nvabase, Park, Tigerfalls, Trail, Waterstation, the first custom map and maybe more of which I had forgotten now.

Fate*AUS*: The first build we got only had one map, Waterstation. It was a very simple map consisting of a large square map with two big warehouses in it. It contained both jeeps and a tank, and provided an easy place to test all the weapons and game play.

We also got to play a COOP map called Junglepoint - it was a very well designed map for COOP. You had to cross a river before fighting your way up a hill towards a VC base, all while having bullets rained down on you from the Vietcong in the trenches at the top. To get past the barbed wire you had to place C4 explosives on one of the huts, creating a path in to the trenches. Once in, your team had to fight their way through the base until you got to the mortar pits at the back, where you had to kill all the Vietcong. A very enjoyable map indeed.

The other three maps we have played are the ones in the demos - Trail, Tigerfalls and Depot.

DDR Zero One: While the Beta Test I have played 3 different types of maps. At first there was the city scenario that is given in the map bridge. The second type of map is familiar to the first. It is some kind of “camp” atmosphere, that is given in the maps depot and trail The first VC2 map I played. The most important type of maps is the jungle scene. It is presented by maps like frontier, trail and tiger falls for example. I think the jungle scene is the most important type of VC maps, because it introduces you to your fears, you’d have had if you were in Vietnam. A Vietcong could have been behind every bush. So you have to hide too.

Suicidal Ozzy*AUS*: Some new and some remakes. Frontier comes to mind easily, as it was by far one of the best VC1 maps for a good war. I'd love to see the remake made as close to the original as possible - the level of detail was quite insane in VC1. Checkpoint is another new map which looks promising, with a fair bit of cover to duck behind. Should be a good map in the full version with deployable machine guns and smoke grenades to make some interesting fighting. I don't think we've seen anywhere near the finished maps that will be in the game, so this question is a little hard to give more information.

Vietpeace: Mixture of both urban and jungle.

What are your thoughts on the new aiming system implemented in VC2?
Spookey: New aiming system? To me, it’s pretty similar to VC1! The iron-sight are more in-line and I like that – but the guys complaining about the sights taking up all the screen are playing an older version – and also want to drop their aim and stop camping!

Chris Tsamados: I actually quite like it I didn't really notice the difference between it and VC1's apart from the redesigned iron sights, I have now become quite proficient with them. However I do think that some weapons do suffer from having to much iron sight on the screen (M16, Car-15) and I much prefer the new sight in the final beta test build. Plus also the toning down of the smoke effect is good.

Silent Death: It changed a bit but it isn't much different from the one in Vietcong. Except that the hip shooting accuracy has been lowered a lot, which is a good thing in my eyes.

Fate*AUS*: I love it - it is more authentic, more realistic and most of all, more challenging. The aiming system, and the way the guns handle in general means that you will have a much wider spread of classes being used (as opposed to all Soldiers/Fighters in Vietcong 1 ;). Different guns perform their best in different situations, and the range of abilities each class have means that to succeed, your team needs to have a variety of skills.

However, probably the feature that brings in the most complaints in the Vietcong 2 demo is the new aiming system - people just don't like it. I personally believe that this is mainly due to the fact that now to use a gun effectively you have to actually learn how to use it; in Vietcong 1 you could get used to a gun in a few minutes (except for a few that were hard to master) - to all of those who do not like the current system, I ask that you at least try to learn to use a few guns for a while before complaining, to see if you can master it like the beta testers have.

Don Turtama: It's a lot better than the one in VC1, it feels more natural. It's pretty much perfect.

DDR Zero One: The new aiming system is one of the most effective changes. It is nearly impossible to kill anyone without pressing the “aim button”. It is more realistic and the “Vietnam mode” can’t be tricked anymore-I know there were some people that marked the middle of there monitor-so you didn’t need to aim. Now it is past. The only negative aspect is the gunfire effect. You can’t see anything while shooting. People did name this also when they played the demo. But I think this effect was taken away, wasn’t it?

Suicidal Ozzy*AUS*: I love it, as It will lead to a more diverse weapon usage in the game. Sure some things still need adjusting, but it should all come together overtime. Unfortunately if you only used a few weapons like the M16/AK47 in VC1 then you're probably going to find it hard to adjust. One of the best things to come out is the random recoil when firing from the hip. This should help to solve the classic Vietnam Mode problem of VC1 where by some players would simply use a texta or the infamous red dot program to bypass having no crosshair on the screen. The player that iron sights should win the battle.

Vietpeace: It's more realistic with the rear sights added (it's like from JO)

What sort of things have you pushed Pterodon to include/omit throughout the Beta Testing?
Punk*AUS*: I pushed pretty hard for some limitations to the LAW/RPG, and limitations on the vehicles. I wanted to see the infantry side of VC1 preserved, and I am very happy with how Pterodon reacted.

Spookey: Since (and before) the beta-testing, I’ve been campaigning for the voice chat to be continued – after all, this is meant to be a sequel – which (to me) means an improvement on the original – leaving out voice chat would be a big downer to me.

Also, the new map (press “M”) is so wrong for the way I/we (Teamrespawn) play – the old one was so cool to run to your position and see where you were in a map. I think I suggested previously about two styles of hand map – the current VC2 one for CTF/DM/TDM/Whatever and the old one for COOP.

Chris Tsamados: Quite a lot of things really, they must have groaned when they received my bug reports. A lot of them focused on sorting out weapons, for instance the removal of the full auto option on the M14 with optics, the sorting out of weapon bugs (the Sten and Sterling where when you reloaded there was a pause before you could fire), the removal of the front sight on the SVD when its viewed through the optics etc. I also checked the forums and reported things that were cropping up a lot, in my bug reports, such as the problems people were having aiming and the fact it was to slow going prone and crouched.

Silent Death: Adding points for reviving team mates to improve team play and improving the AI in coop.

Fate*AUS*: Too many to list :) One of the major things was CD keys, so we can cut down on the cheating and people causing trouble in servers. Probably the second thing was in-game demo recording, which while they haven't allowed it in first person mode (you can only do it in spectator still I believe), it is now so easy to switch between spectator and playing that it is good enough.

Don Turtama: Mostly Coop related things, I would have loved to have more realism in the game, but some compromises had to be made.

DDR Zero One: I sent a lot of mails with bugs to Pterodon. Most were sound and modelling mistakes. You couldn’t hear any shotgun for example. It was important for me to get the game “bug free” and so I played often even if there wasn’t a “Beta Testing Sunday”. I also wanted Pterodon to change some little aspects. I’d have liked a bayonet in the game, but Erik didn’t think so.

Suicidal Ozzy*AUS*: Weapon balance - with the numerous weapons in VC1, it was a little sad to see only two or three weapons being used. During the early betas of VC2, it became apparent with most players on the VC side using StG44, AK47, Vz. 58, and on the US side having extremely less capable weapons, that things looked a little out of shape. Fortunately by the time the last beta came out, things have improved greatly.

Hand grenades - through the betas they appear to be only around 50-60% as powerful as VC1's in terms of blast radius. While this is fine (for the underlying reason I don't know) I have pushed to have a concussion radius added outside the blast radius - ie. blast radius is where you would lose health, however the concussion radius is a second zone where you would temporarily be stunned. As you can imagine, with VC2 trying to be a balance of realism/fun, it was quite weird to see no damage being done from a hand grenade literally feet from you. As of the last beta, the description of the hand grenade has had added to it a 'casualty radius' and a 'stun radius' but testing shows a stun radius hasn't been implemented yet.

RPGs/LAW - while great for antitank purposes it's not hard to see these being used for cheap kills. One thing that was suggested was to make the RPGs/LAWs take a few seconds before they were ready for use. After all, if you're taking out a tank, you're probably going to be behind cover and a few seconds to prime the weapon wouldn't hurt. Alternatively make the splash damage useless against troops and only effective against tanks/vehicles themselves. I'm not 100% sure but I think a server-side option for the munitions themselves was going to be implemented instead

Vietpeace: Add the ability to throw the knife! :-(
Add client option to disable being able to be healed, so you don't have to
press anything to respawn. Remove the vehicles (partially taken care of via the server settings. I didn't like the sprint feature added at first, but now it's okay.

What do you think about the new class unlocking option?
Punk*AUS*: This is another new option that I really like. It will be great in pubs to add a little bit of extra spice to how the game is played. It would be interesting to try it out in wars also. I like the fact that it can be disabled, which just gives players more off an option with how they want to play the game.

Spookey: Love it – as long as targets aren’t set too high (like BF2 – 6 months playing to level-up!)

Chris Tsamados: This is a good feature for CTF definitely, it gives players something to strive for other than going for the flag. However I think with regards Coop we're probably switch it off and limit the classes to one of each.

Fate*AUS*: I think it's great! It gives the players something to work towards, and adds another element of skill to the game; that you can only use certain classes if you actually work your way towards it.

DDR Zero One: The Unlocking of classes is really motivating and improves the game play in two aspects. At first the people play more enthusiastic and Newbie’s are able to earn some kind of appreciation. I think it is real cool if you haven’t played a game for so long yet and you can see your personal advantage. The second aspect protects the game play against “laming”. It is more difficult to become a Sniper, because you’ve to earn it. Therefore only people, that have some kind of feeling for the game (also called skill ;) ) will be able to become a sniper. This people don’t lame the game as far as I know. They know about the importance of a fluently game, which isn’t stopped/lamed by camping with sniper weapons.

Suicidal Ozzy*AUS*: It's a great idea for public games, given the unlocks are on a per server basis. For wars, the option can simply be turned off and players will be free to choose their own class setups just like VC1.

Vietpeace: I like it because it is left up to the server admin to control.

For all the COOP enthusiasts, how do you feel COOP is developing for VC2 (COOP Players)?
Spookey: The AI has improved considerably from the early builds – but I’m not sure it’s quite “as I’d like it” – the response time is still too quick (IMO) and the “line of sight” view still seems to be lacking.

Chris Tsamados: At first they were a bit dumb they just stood there when you shot them but in later beta tests they improved a lot. I enjoyed the Coop map (Check point) the AI was using the vehicles to attack which I thought was cool. Plus the friendly AI was helping out by jumping on fixed machine guns.

Silent Death: Well, the AI was on the most builds very 'beta', but it has increased much in the last few builds so I'm confident that it will be good. And if not, I'm sure the coop community will fix that.

Don Turtama: It could be better, there's still some problems with the AI, but some of the problems might be just map related. I had the chance to play only 3 Coop maps, the first map Junglepoint seemed to work very well, but Checkpoint and Waterstation were not that good. Sometimes the AI is too passive and it doesn't seem to react to sound, but hopefully these things will be improved. I love the new AI voices when attacking, spotting the enemy, getting hit etc.

Vietpeace: I believe COOP fans will be quite pleased with the results they see in VC2.

Do you feel there is a basis for highly competitive gaming leagues to branch out from VC2?
Punk*AUS*: Definitely. I have run two CTF competitions for VC1, and I think if the community support is there, it will be just as easy to get them going for VC2.

Chris Tsamados: Yeah I do, there was a bit of criticism when it was leaked that the game was not going to contain a demo recording option, this would have admittedly hurt the clan community. But now this has been fixed and together with the spectator FPS it will really be easy to root out cheats (that HradBa doesn't deal with) and keep the ladders clean and fair.

Fate*AUS*: Absolutely. Vietcong 2 will still provide the same level of competitive games that Vietcong 1 had on offer. If anything, the ability to easily record demos, and the much wider array of console commands will attract a larger competitive fan base.

DDR Zero One: Organisations like “Clanbase or “Esl” will create leagues for VC2 for sure and these leagues will be part of the most played ladders in the ESL or Clanbase. Vietcong is a bandaging MP Game. If you look at the first part: Even after more than 2 years it is played a lot. I don’t think that VC2 will be nominated for the World Cyber Games, but who knows? I am sure, that it is possible to have a VC2 Community that will get bigger than the VC1 Community ever was.

Suicidal Ozzy*AUS*: Very much so, given the smoothness of the engine so far, proposed linux server side support, and demo recording/spectating from first person view. I think these will lay the ground work for the VC2's popularity amongst gaming networks to host VC2 servers, and hence a wider interest from the gamers themselves. The main thing for gaming leagues will be the replay function. Given VC1 only had third person spectating, whilst great for observing every bit of action during a war, it was pretty useless for admins who wanted to be able to see from the player's perspective. With this rectified in VC2 it should lead to good clean fun during gaming leagues.

Vietpeace: Yes, it should be as good or better than Vietcong.

Any comments you would like to add about the Beta Testing process of VC2?
Punk*AUS*: I would just like to thank Pterodon for the ride. Downloading beta’s ranging from 500MB-1GB on a close to weekly basis for the couple of months on a 128/128 connection has been challenging, but I have loved every bit of it. Even waking up at 3AM to go to the first official beta test was a laugh!

Spookey: How long have you got?!

The beta-testing team were generally great and conducted themselves with respect for each other. There were some times that things got a little heated – but they were calmed down.

Chris Tsamados: I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope others will enjoy the game too.

Silent Death: Was nice to see how the game was improving from build to build and the bugs to be fixed.

Fate*AUS*: I would just like to thank Pterodon very much for giving me the option to beta test Vietcong 2, and I raise my virtual champagne glass in celebration of the game finally going gold, and all of Pterodon's hard work that has been put in to the game!

Don Turtama: It was fun, but way too much DM/CTF... :)

DDR Zero One: Beta Testing the second part of my favourite game was a real cool and useful experience. I’m looking forward to VC2:Fist Beta ;)

Suicidal Ozzy*AUS*: Bloody great fun...